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Learn to seek out joy in your healing process. Keep running your race in life through contentment and hardship with a new perspective through inspirational and instructional stories of redemption and restoration.

A new start from separation to healing

A new start from separation to healing

We were heading for divorce when God cameIn this posts I am very vulnerable.  Please don't judge me or make mean comments below.  I wrote this blog to help others that are struggling in their marriage.  Thank you.Our Story   Do you believe that God wants to help...

Our beautiful adoption story

Our beautiful adoption story

When I was a teenager I went to a Christian camp. I met a lot of people while I was there every year. I noticed that a handful of kids each year were foster children. I befriended many of them and became a shoulder for them to lean on as we kept in contact with each...

Why Would He Choose Me?

Why Would He Choose Me?

Years ago a young girl had her life planned out.  She was to marry the love of her life and have no kinks in her plans.  This young girl probably was preparing wedding plans and thinking about that white picket fence.  She had so many hopes and dreams such as, how...

5 Ways to Make Mom’s Morning Easier

5 Ways to Make Mom’s Morning Easier

  Are you struggling getting your child ready in the morning?  I know I did.  My daughter is so slow by nature and hates getting up for school.  I was so tired of fussing with her every morning trying to get her ready on time.  Something had to change because I...



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