Are you running your race well?

At Running Your Race Well, I share heartfelt and purposeful stories of faith, parenting, and running your home well for struggling moms and women worldwide so they can achieve and even exceed their faith and home goals.


hey there, I’m Kim

And just like you, I suffered trials and have overcome them.


I’m a Georgia raised woman, entrepreneur, and early childhood educator. I’m also a wife and mom, a daughter, sister and friend, and an anxiety survivor. And, if I’m being completely transparent, a lot of the time, I am still learning how to conquer fear.


But I’ve also learned that in life, there are no trials bigger than God, and that joy can still be found in the struggles. My greatest mission is to mentor women so they can create a life they love by providing the tools, resources, and motivation to help them overcome.

Faith, Family, & Healing in Christ,

Kim Fowler

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A new start from separation to healing

A new start from separation to healing

We were heading for divorce when God came OUR STORY   Do you believe that God wants to help you heal your marriage?   If you have been praying for this, don't give up.  Hang in there because it is worth it.  I am not a counselor and don't claim to be.  My...

10 Memorable budget friendly fall activities

10 Memorable budget friendly fall activities

HERE IS A LIST OF MY BUDGET FRIENDLY FALL ACTIVITIES I created a list of 10 budget friendly fall activities to help you save money.  Most of these activities that I found are free or really cheap to do.  You can use some of these ideas to go on a date with your child...

When the enemy wants your household

When the enemy wants your household

Satan wants your family and will do anything to get them! Ever since the COVID19 epidemic started, I have been developing a closer relationship with God. With these extra days off I have had time to study my Bible and to pray. I have been still enough to recognize...

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