Saving money during hard times

There has never been a time, more than now, that I have needed to save money. Do you feel the same way? Here are 12 instant money saving ideas. Our future is uncertain and it can be scary. In the last few years I have done everything I could to save money. I decided to share some of my instant money saving ideas that has saved us lots of money.


  1. Menu planning is a big part of how we save money.
  2. Household items, like using a window fan or an Amish heater, can save you money.
  3. My phone saves me money everyday by using phone apps and even more ways.
  4. See what things I barter for to save money.
  5. Saving money on our personal care and home supplies is another creative way of saving money.
  6. Give selling your stuff a try.
  7. Double some meals and freeze the extra of each meal.
  8. Budgeting is so important when you try to save money.
  9. Consigning is a fun addicting way to save money.
  10. Competing against a friend to save money.
  11. Free/cheap dates with your husband, friend or kids.

This is the list of how my family saves money. These are practical and easy ways to keep money in my pocket. There has never been a time where you need to save every dollar that your can. Trying each one of these tips will make your savings add up quickly!

Groceries and housing are your biggest expense. I am not a big couponer so I had to find new ways to cut my grocery cost. You can too by combining numbers 1, 5, and 8 to create extra savings.

Give them a try and tell me in the comment below which one is your favorite. My favorite is #1.

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