I have said it before that I am ADD and cleaning schedules can be daunting.  Knowing this, I still realized that simple cleaning schedules are still important.  This is why I came up with a schedule that worked for me because I needed a cleaning/chore schedule.

I am really bad at starting in one room, seeing an item that belongs in another room and immediately taking it to that room.  Once I walk into that room I see something that needs to be done so I start another cleaning chore.  Never finishing anything because I keep starting and stopping picking up and cleaning things.  Does this sound familiar?


I now carry a small laundry basket with me from room to room.  When I come across things that belong to another room I put it in the basket.  Once I move to a different room I look in the basket to see if any of those items belong in that room.  If so, I take them out and put them up.  Once I find another item that belongs somewhere else, I once again place it in the basket and continue on.

I will be showing you a cleaning/chore schedule. Some of the things that I put in your daily schedule can be taken care of by your kids!.  Of course the older your child is will determine how much your child can help you.  Download and print my chore chart below

 Realistic Cleaning/Chore plan for those overwhelmed.

If you are overwhelmed getting your kids ready in the morning or need steps to get your house organized, you are not alone.  It all seems to go hand-in-hand when keeping your house clean.  You can do it.  Keep up the good work!



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