Church and Marriage are more alike

Church and Marriage are more alike


My husband and I have been going to the same church for around 21 years now. We have been married for 23 years! Our church has had some changes recently and it has made me sit back and think, “Is this what I want for our family?”  Our youth minister is leaving and our associate minister left recently.  I don’t particularly like change.  I have realized that church and marriage are alike.

While I was praying about this, something came to mind.  How I feel about my church is a lot like my relationship in my marriage. When our marriage becomes a problem then we change what is going on and revive it.  There are disappointments in a marriage because we are all human.  In our marriage we both contribute so no one is doing all of the work.  We choose to stay with our husband and cultivate our relationship. It’s not always greener on the other side.  My husband is always there for me!


We should view our church the same way. When our church has problems so we pray to revive it.  When you have disappointments in how the church is going, remember that we are all human.  Everyone should contribute so not just a few are working.  Changes are always happening in the church because that is life. Changing churches isn’t always the answer.

There will be a problem eventually with the new church.  My church has always there for me!  When we had financial problems, guess who was there to meet our needs.  When I was in the hospital with pregnancy issues, guess who was there to pray for me and support me.  My church family was there and if you keep switching churches to find something that is perfect then you will be disappointed.

Don’t place your faith in people because they will fail you often.  Get involved in a church.  If you don’t like something then YOU help change it.  We are the body of Christ and ALL of us should be pitching in to do the work.

When comparing the two I realized how precious both are to me.  My husband and church family are my support system.  I encourage you to find a church family to be with you through your ups and your downs.  We all need each other!  Developing a relationship with God is anther place to start.  God is with you wherever you go so turn to him.

 I realized that church and marriage are alike.  They are both the head of the house, protect me and love me very much!

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