Inspiring Ways to Keep Your Family Connected!

Inspiring Ways to Keep Your Family Connected!


Are you trying to find new fun ways of getting your family close again?  Noticing that our family was always on the internet and we were becoming disconnected to each other.  We decided that we had to change that one step at a time.  You need ways to keep your family connected.

My husband came up with a brilliant idea!  He said we needed to have game night along with finger foods.  We needed to make memories along with cultivating our relationships.  It started off simple with a game and a food.  Then we became fancy and made our foods start with the same letter as our game or food and games of the same origin (Hispanic game with Hispanic food).  The kids were included in the decision making and it became fun.  Here is our list suggestion if you want to give it a try.


  • Uno – Nachos
  • Clue – Chicken fingers
  • Rummikub – Ranch Wings
  • Sorry – Soup or Sandwiches
  • Mexican Train – Mexican Lasagna
  • Bingo – Baked Potato
  • Monopoly – Meatballs
  • Twister – Tacos
  • Life – Loaded Tator Tots
  • Balderdash – Beef Quesadilla
  • Spoons – Sausage Pizza
  • Pictionary – Pigs in the Blanket
  • Dominoes – Dumplings
  • Scattergories – Salad
  • Boggle – Burgers


Bring the games outside.  We like to play bad mitten, corn hole, ball toss and games like that outside


Another thing we do is to volunteer as a family.  Your local soup kitchen is good for most ages of kids.  If you don’t want to do that one, then ask around for a good place to volunteer.  So many places need help.  This will show your kids how fortunate they are and they should appreciate what they have more.

My husband and youngest daughter enjoy having a song off.  Rodney will play two of his favorite songs and my daughter will judge those songs.  In return she will play two songs and he will rate those songs.  They laugh a lot when they play this game.

We do a lot of laughing during these games and become more connected as a family.  Pick one day a week to keep your family connected. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make your child feel special. Sit down together and choose which games fit your family best.  Try to find games that are age appropriate for all family members if possible.

I would love to hear your ideas.  You can share your ideas in the comment down below.  Have fun with it and get creative.


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