30 Fun kid date ideas to connect with your child

30 Fun kid date ideas to connect with your child

Plan a fun date with your child by using my 30 fun kid date ideas

I have created a list of 30 fun kid date ideas that you can do with your child. You see it more and more on Facebook with parents doing this. I think it is important to make a kid feel special. Just make sure your husband is scheduled for a date night first.

Pull out a calendar and schedule your date nights along with your other responsibilities (doctor appointment, etc…) You wouldn’t cancel your doctors appointment to go shopping with friends so make sure these dates aren’t canceled either unless it is absolutely necessary.

Letting your kids know you care

We are so busy as parents today that it is hard to fit EVERYTHING into our busy schedule. Watching your kids at ball games and dance recitals are important but spending one-on-one quality time is just as important. How about taking them somewhere that you used to go as a child. You can reveal to them your best memories of certain places or activities that were special to you. I loved when my parents used to show me where they lived or took me on a trail that they used to walk as a child.

I took my kids to the house that I grew up in this past summer. We knocked on the door and asked if we could show the house to our kids. The family was gracious to let us in and was surprised when I told them about a carving in my room. I walked them back to my old room and showed them that my initials were carved in the window sill! It was still there and I couldn’t believe it!

They had never seen it before and it has been there for 36 years!!! Tears rolled down my cheeks because I was so excited! We will always remember that day forever. See how you can bring your past to life by using these 30 fun kid date night ideas and being creative by adding your own ideas?

It says Kim likes Ted. That was a boyfriend of mine…lol

How spending time with your child can help them

My child’s behavior improved when I started giving her individual quality time. One of my daughters was having an attitude with me on a daily basis. I didn’t understand why she was always mad at me. This is when I started spending more quality time with her so she could feel special. Her self worth started changing and so did her attitude towards me. She looks forward to our dates and she makes sure that we choose together what we will do next on our next date.

All they want is your time and attention. Once they grow up you will never get that time back. Become proactive and come up with your first fun kid date night idea.

Create your fun kid date ideas together

Sit with your child(ren) and create a list of date ideas that ya’ll can do together. Make some of your ideas free, cheap and some that cost money. You could put it on a calendar that they could see and put that on the refrigerator.

Let them have input when creating a date list. Remember, that this is not an earned date. Don’t take this date away as a punishment. These dates are used to develop relationships with our child.

Here is a list of ideas:

  1. Movie night
  2. Bowling
  3. Out to eat
  4. Ride go carts
  5. Swimming
  6. Bake together
  7. Go for a walk
  8. Ride a bike
  9. Skating
  10. Go to the park
  11. Trampoline park
  12. Sight seeing
  13. Museum
  14. Scavenger hunt
  15. Do a hobby together
  16. Beach
  17. Make a craft
  18. Go to a pottery place
  19. Find a school or city play to attend
  20. Go to a sports game
  21. Play a board/video game
  22. Play a sport game (basketball)
  23. Fishing
  24. Play dress-up
  25. Sing karaoke
  26. Zoo (free)
  27. Visit a farm
  28. Go to the library
  29. Spa day
  30. Shopping

Here is a list that you can download of my 30 fun kid date ideas. Use can use this to get started but try to come up with some extra ideas on your own. If your budget allows try taking your child on a bigger date (amusement park, water park, an overnight trip, etc…)

Comment below and let me know some ideas that you have.

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